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The Websays Publisher converts social conversations in content.

Take advantage of publicly generated content in social networks to generate content of interest.

Sort the mentions by impact and post them with a single click on your website, app, big screen, etc...

The websays dashboard will become your daily tool.

Be the first to know what the entire web thinks about you!
This innovative business-intelligence tool brings fast and accurate information straight to your own private dashboard!

Websays Reports summarize your online presence.

Get comprehensive Reports of your online presence and impact. Combining Websays indicators with cutting-edge graphics, Websays Reports portray overall performance, evolution of key indicators, specific hot issues, people’s opinions, success stories…

Become a professional Community Manager with Websays Clippings.

This tool is designed so that you can monitor mentions in real time and respond to them. You can also apply many easy-to-use filters to focus on the information you want during the periods you wish to track.

With Websays Comparisons, watch your competitors and measure yourself against them.

Monitor your competitors like you monitor yourself. Gain insight about their online strategy: their message, their volume and choice of media, the reactions they obtain, etc. Perform real-time comparisons using Websays Comparisons' indicators!

We have the science to understand what the entire web says.

If you represent a company, a brand, a product, a store, a hotel, a celebrity, a politician or if you are simply interested in other people´s opinions, Websays is the business-intelligence tool you need. It will provide you with:


Websays collects all that's being said about you in the Internet, not only in social media but also in the press, blogs, forums, websites, etc. You will never miss anything that is written about you!


Only you can decide what you need to know. Websays provides different types of analyses: indicators, topic clouds, charts and comparisons are now at your fingertips! Prepare yourself to gain insights that nobody else has!


Opinions, mentions, announcements, crises, complaints or compliments, you´ll get real-time information on what’s happening as it’s happening. Now you will be able to monitor, manage and steer your online reputation.