In a digitized world in which 3.196 billion people are active in social media, it is essential that companies know the insights of consumers and new trends that are hidden in the posts and comments generated in these platforms.

Although there are already analytics functions built into the social media platforms themselves (such as Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights, among others), investing in social listening or social media listening tools can be very beneficial for your brand or business.

Here are 5 reasons why:



Any company needs data to make strategic decisions and to advance its business. And, if this data is ordered and centralized in the same dashboard, the analysis of this social data is much easier. Thus, social listening tools (such as Websays Dashboard) save time and effort because, instead of consulting the analytics functions of each social network, your data is presented in such a way that it can be easily viewed on a single platform.

In addition, this data and information presented in the dashboard is validated by analysts to ensure that the data is correctly categorized to generate accurate reports.


social listening con Websays dashboard

Clippings in Websays Dashboard



One of the great advantages of social media is that users can express their free and sincere opinion about a brand and, through good monitoring, we can be attentive to the comments generated by the community about our company and thus have the ability to improve their experience.

Social listening helps us to be prepared to meet the requests of our clients or potential clients in order to improve our services and adapt them to their needs.



The monitoring of a company’s social media allows us to easily identify reputation crises, since all clippings are categorized by sentiment. Thus, we can quickly see which ones have a negative, positive or neutral.

The Websays Dashboard, in addition to showing the sentiment of the clippings, offers the possibility of generating reports and, among the multiple possibilities of reports, there are sentiment reports.


social listening sentiment

Control your sentiment with Websays Dashboard



If, in addition to monitoring our brand, we are attentive to what is being said about our competitors, we can identify what users say about our competitors and go one step further to innovate and meet their needs first.

This also allows brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors as it helps to identify defects or gaps in the market in which they can offer a value or a differentiation.



Having a good social listening tool also helps to identify those users considered as influencers. These are influential social media users with whom a brand can partner or collaborate to conduct strategic digital marketing campaigns to attract customers, gain followers and enhance its online reputation.

Marketing with influencers means that advertising about a brand reaches users through a figure that, for them, is considered a trusted figure and a role model.


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