How many times have you heard of influencers?

… Probably many, and every day. Everyone is talking about influencers and have become the desired prescribers to which companies come to glorify the goodness of their brand. This strategy is called influencer marketing.



And what about Brand Advocates? ?

Less known than the first ones, the term brand advocate refers to a character who strives for a brand and who, selflessly and with an honest message, talks about its benefits through channels such as social networks, blogs, forums, etc. Its function would be equivalent to WoM (word of mouth) but in the digital environment.


Therefore, the difference between the two lies both in the message and the way it is transmitted:

  • On the one hand, influencers transmit a more generic message at a given moment in various social media channels, since it is subject to a campaign with the brand.
  • On the other hand, when talking about the brand, brand advocates communicate to their audience their experience with the product or service in an honest way, with the aim of helping potential consumers of that product. Thus, a more personal treatment is established so that the transmission of the message is not as generic as in the case of influencers.


So which of the two figures is most effective in promoting a brand?


First, we expose the advantages and disadvantages of INFLUENCERS:

✅ The content of the brand acquires more visibility since, when the influencers spread it, the reach increases.

Engagement and brand awareness is higher (in the short term).

✅ The brand gets content from the creators (influencers are often called content creators).

❌ As a short-term strategy, campaigns quickly fade from the minds of consumers.

❌ The message may be perceived as dishonest, given the compensation received by influencing to promote the product.

❌ The credibility of the brand and the influence can be damaged if there is a mismatch or disagreement between both parties.


And, regarding BRAND ADVOCATES:

✅ Increased brand awareness, backed by the sincere opinion of the advocate

✅ Improved and increased long-term engagement.

Content of the brand is generated in their social networks, reviews, tutorials, etc.

✅ Positive impact on lead generation and sales.

✅ In most cases, brand advocates do not get paid for their activities and actions.

❌ The reach is less than in the case of influencers, since advocates are not dedicated to building online audiences.


For any company, it is very important to identify the right influencers for their campaigns or brand advocates who are giving their opinion on the brand in digital channels. To do this, Social Listening tools can help!