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 As we all know, customer service or communication departments are -or should be- on Social Media. Currently users prioritise those channels to communicate complaints, opinions or comments about a brand. This communication can mention the brand with an @author or a #hashtag, in which case the Community Manager could identify the issue since he or she will receive the notification in the brand’s social channels.

However, most of the times users talk about the brand in a natural way without mentioning a specific channel. Here’s where the social listening tools are needed, since they allow every brand to listen to all mentions regardless of a correct channel usage.

Moreover, if a brand is receiving a good number of complaints and incidents on Social Media, is even more necessary to use data filtering tools like Websays Streams in order to visualise and analyse them in a more effective and quick discovery way.



Websays Streams is a tool that shows, in real time, 2 key points to discover if there has been an incident or crisis on Social Media, if there has been an incident or crisis and what is it about. So here we can see an example for Customer Service where only complaints are filtered thanks to NLP (Natural Language Processing):


  • In this example of the Websays Streams for a Call Center, we are showing the volume of complaints in real time (bar format) compared to last week’s same day complaints (line format). This way we can verify if there’s a sudden increase of mentions, which could indicate a crisis.
  • On another hand, we have a word cloud showing what the complaints are about without the need to read them all.

Both graphics are refreshed every few seconds to guarantee the information is fresh.



Although every brand can benefit from Social Media Listening to improve Customer Service, Websays Streams is ideal for those companies which volume of complaints is high and demand a quick response. These could be:

  • Airlines or other transportation companies
  • Telcos
  • Banking Services
  • Hotels or other lodging companies
  • ¡And many more!

In general, all brands with a Social Media presence that wishes to improve their Communication or Customer Service in order to offer the best response to their consumers, can benefit from this tool to get the pulse of the public in real time. If you want to know this tool live, select a slot for a demo right here  ?.


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