Are you ready to face the Social Media trends that will dominate 2019?

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Now let’s see what 6 trends will set the rules of the Social Media Marketing game in 2019:


Rely on data: Social Listening

Although there are already analytics functions built into the social media platforms themselves (such as Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights), investing in Social Listening tools will help you make strategic decisions for your business.
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Understand how Generation Z acts

The so-called Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2010, already set the rules of the Social Media Marketing game, especially in booming platforms such as Instagram. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how they act and how to take advantage of their potential (Via Entrepreneur, 2018).

Chatbots and instant messaging

Many companies already use tools such as WhatsApp Business or Facebook Messenger to respond to customer requests. More and more customers are demanding fast answers through various channels (omnicanality).
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Fast content and stories

In 2018 we've seen an increase in popularity of content in the form of 'stories', starting with Snapchat and continuing with Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube! The user prefers 'fast content': ephemeral content which allows them to jump from one to the other with astonishing speed (Via Business News Daily, 2018).

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR will increasingly be part of Social Media Marketing strategies as they can influence a consumer's CX and purchasing decision (Via Digital Marketing Institute, 2018).

Customer and Circular Experience

The customer and their experience with your brand (CX, Customer Experience) is the main pillar of any business. Apply the Circular Experience and listen to it, interact with it, promote and improve!
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