Technology trends are unstoppable for the companies,  that’s why we constantly have to be on the lookout for all the technological innovations that could affect our clients or markets.

Different social listening companies, such as Websays, are capable of capturing all that’s being said online, so we end up with tons of information related to mentions, opinions, articles and all kinds of content that can be used to understand and predict upcoming technology trends.

In order to simplify this complex information and make it easier on you, we have gathered the hottest technological trends and what’s to be expected for 2023. 

AI or Artificial Intelligence – We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “doing more with less”.  Well, thanks to AI automation,  this is going to become more of a reality. Over the last few years there has been a tendency to generate content automatically whether it be in the form of pictures, text or sounds.

One of the tools that have come out this year is the already known ChatGPT, a chatbot that answers through text to basically anything. Here’s an example of its success:

Time estimated to reach 1 million users:

  •       Facebook – 10 months
  •       Spotify – 5 months
  •       Instagram – 2,5 months
  •       ChatGPT – 5 days

Well, according to OpenAI (the creators of ChapGPT) the GPT-4 version will be released within the next year 2023. We are talking about a new version with greater capacity compared to the previous one that leads us to assume it will be able to cover more tasks and generate more accurate responses by putting the words in a slightly more natural way.

 It is already rumored that the development of these kinds of tools may be the beginning of the end for search engines as we know them with Google being the first victim.

Digital Growth – It’s a fact and it’s increasing. The number of people connected online will reach roughly two thirds of the global population in 2023. Television will be left in the background, while the users that create social media profiles for the first time are younger. Consequently, achieving engagement and creating a community online is becoming a priority for companies targeting younger audiences.

The phenomenon of the Metaverse – The Metaverse, without a doubt,  was one of the most popular topics during this last year and will probably gain the same popularity in 2023, while we must say that its future is still uncertain.

Some experts believe that its popularity will decline due, in part to the lack of knowledge of what the platform allows us to do and the fact that there’s no clear definition or vision, which makes its potential go unnoticed.

However, others suggest that the participation of companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia in the Metaverse for conducting digital projects can pave the way for possible new trends such as virtual and augmented reality, the development of an advanced virtual technology, or corporate use, among others.

TikTok – This platform that initially caused some rejection among brands is now one of the most desirable ones and has become a search engine for a large part of the younger population, as many of them prefer to use platforms like TikTok rather than other search engines like Google.



Also, its search algorithm provides users with exactly what they want to see since its filter is much more precise compared to other platforms like Instagram,  which users are becoming tired of,  due to the massive advertising that constantly appears on their feed.

NFT’s – After the hype occurred in the beginning of 2022 about these non-fungible tokens mainly used to sell art or digitize image rights, it seems, according to statistics, that their popularity has declined. This may be due to the confusion about the concept of NFT, as a large part of the population still thinks that it is only a form of cryptocurrency.

However, despite its popularity having declined in the last year, there are those who maintain that NFTs will be used more and more, mainly in the field of digital art, business and video games.

The success of Email Marketing –  Using email marketing strategies will continue to be popular as email will still be one of the most used ways for companies to reach out to customers. There are certain trends that will continue to grow, such as personalization in emails, automation for greater efficiency, a more minimalist design for emails or interactivity.



If you are interested you can keep reading about it here.

The importance of Sustainability – Another trend that the customers have come to value and therefore demand a lot from brands is the implementation of sustainable practices as well as lowering the use of natural resources. There will also be a rise of new sustainable and traceable products and services.

Privacy – Both users and regulations will continue to protect their personal data. As companies begin to consider monetizing the data they do have for market research, there is a risk of transferring these data without anonymizing or without security controls to prevent the “theft” of the private part of this data.

Here’s an interesting article about data privacy trends in 2023.


Hope you found this interesting. We would also like to wish you a happy New Year!