Introducing a new concept to define a 360 experience between a brand and its clients thanks to Social Media and, above all, a real interest in listening to them.


Really listen to your customers


  • Don’t force them to access your Customer Service channels.
  • Don’t expect they remember your @brand_customer_service, they can simply use @brand, #brand or just brand !

=> Use Websays to listen to every mention on the entire Internet about you, no matter how.

Engage and respond wisely

Thanks to the Websays integration with Zendesk, you can assign a complaint or a review to a specific agent or department, in or out of your organisation.

Thanks to our Semantic Categorisation, tickets can be automatically assigned to:

  • the right person to respond
  • the right department to respond
  • A robot that automatically responds or even makes a phone call with a preset message
Listen to your clients


All-in, All-out


  • All inputs you can think off can be set into Websays.
  • All outputs your customer needs to chat through, Zendesk has it:
  • Email and phone of course
  • Social Networks
  • Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram
  • Chat bots

And the history of every chat with your customer can be linked his profile in your CRM.


Zendesk Support Screenshot



Improve your service, product or campaign based on analytics

Thanks to Websays Analytics, you can easily analyse what topics have more negative opinions overtime so your company can make smarter decisions on where to invest depending on the positive impact.

Thanks to Zendesk Analytics, you can also improve your Contact Center performance to improve your customer service experience.


Analytics Screenshots

Websays and Zendesk Support Analytics


Promote your improvement

By promoting the improvements and proving that you listen to your customers, you will show that your brand is closer to them and that you care!


Continue listening

By listening to the customers opinions about the improvements, you can continue to improve in this circle of customer experience.


Promote your improvements!


Today your brand has a good chance to be very close to your customers


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