As you may already know if you are a Community Manager, the job not only consists in publishing content on social networks but also to be able to understand them. Sometimes the number of comments received and the number of channels can make the volume overwhelming and difficult to manage.

Social media monitoring tools such as Websays offer you a series of functions that help simplify the information and facilitate the activity of Community Management, improving its efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits of these features:



1. Identifies and isolates customer service conversations

Some industries, such as airlines, have a lot of noise in promotional channels such as Facebook or Twitter. However, based on specific keywords, intelligent themes can be created in order to identify mentions related to customer service and refer them to the person responsible for managing them and to distance them from promotion channels.

With graphics like the one below, you can see when there is more activity in customer service related issues and, therefore, be able to react:


Gráfico de temas para community manager

Topic Evolution Chart



2. Classifies all languages, even if the CM does not understand them 

Your audience is probably speaking in different languages and you don’t speak some of them. Monitoring tools like Websays understand languages and can summarize that conversation for you and categorize conversations by sentiment or other variables in all languages.

For example, in the following table, you can see that the most spoken language is Spanish but there are also some comments in Catalan, Italian, English and French.  In some cases, many comments may arrive in large volumes in languages that the Community Manager does not understand. Therefore, Websays will analyze the sentiment of those languages for you even if you don’t understand them so you can act:


idiomas para community manager

Language Identifier


3. Creates crisis alerts

It is often difficult to know if you are starting to talk about more than one topic, but with intelligent alerts, you can know in real time when, for example, a hashtag or a particular topic has a sudden change in behavior in terms of volume of mentions in a short period of time.

Websays Alerts sends you an email if there is a change in the mentions so that you can react in time, no surprises.



4. Detects influencers

Detecting influencers on social media can help you gain visibility either by sharing their content, mentioning them or contacting them for campaigns.

Indicators such as the Top 10 of Websays helps you discover the authors who have published the most on the queries or corporate channels. The better positioned the author is in the Top 10, the more active has been in the total conversation:


top 10 para community manager

Websays’ Top 10


5. Measures the engagement

For the Community Manager it can be very useful to control the engagement chart (interaction of users with the content generated by the brand). With the data filtered by a topic of interest, such as a campaign, you can analyze the response of the community to that campaign.

Thus, analyzing the response of the users, it is possible to measure which ones work better or worse and make consequent decisions:


Gráfico engagement para community manager

Engagement Evolution Chart


In short, investing in a social media monitoring tool to listen to consumers on social media can greatly facilitate the tasks of a brand’s Community Manager by providing him with the insights needed to understand his audience.


Do you want to see how Websays makes your tasks as a Community Manager easier?