Websays is a social listening platform with a unique human assisted approach, which is a simple way of describing something fantastically complex. So, what does Websays actually do?

Websays is a monitoring platform that listens to what people are publically saying on the internet about a particular set of topics, through a combination of APIs and web crawling. This includes everything from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to videos, news, and blogs.

The software’s AI can then discern a number of things about this data, from the sentiment and impact of individual posts on social media, to finding the largest influencers in a certain conversation.

This data is then checked by a group of dedicated Websays analysts, a process wholly unique to Websays.


The data is validated and fed back into the data stream, to allow the AI to learn, develop new automations, and become more accurate in the future. The results are fed into the Websays dashboard, which can be used by brands, governments or individuals alike to keep track of what matters to them.

What are the applications of Websays?

This technology has many far reaching and exciting applications, from use by councils to improve the day to day experiences of its citizens, to monitoring brand reputations and avoiding crises. From election predictions to audience targeting, the possibilities are almost infinite.
Websays was developed by Dr Hugo Zaragoza, a world renowned expert on Opinion Analytics.

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