Websays conducted a private opinion monitoring in order to try and predict who could win this second round very tight Chile Presidential Elections. All polls were predicting a technical draw, but Websays and our method could predict again the results with a small deviation of 1 percentual point:

Prediction based on social networks, forums, blogs and digital press

Sebastián Piñera won for a tight 54,57% against the 45,43% from Alejandro Guillier. Websays prediction was a 52,49% against a 47,51%. Therefore only one point of deviation and after successes like predicting the Brexit, today we can say this is the new formula for election results prediction.

Without unvealing the secrets of our formula, it is importante to point that it’s crucial to count all conversation in, not only the one generated by the candidates and their parties, but also the external channels where they are mentioned. It is also important to take into account the power of the press by measuring all digital media outlets as well as blogs and forums. Thanks to a real-time monitoring, you just have to add a good sentiment detection thanks to our team of analysts and machine learning, and you will get predictions as successful as the one we just got.

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