The digital era has brought about many changes in business models and, above all, in the form of business-client interaction. The consumer is informed and entertained by digital tools and, therefore, companies must be present on these platforms to meet customer requirements, which are increasingly immediate and ephemeral.

This need for companies to respond to fleeting consumer demands has led to the development of new forms of customer service such as WhatsApp Business, omnichannel strategies or chatbots to resolve customer concerns, doubts or problems as quickly as possible.


whatsapp business

WhatsApp Business (Image from Xataka Móvil)


Moreover, we already know that customer satisfaction is a fundamental pillar of business success and, therefore, improving the Digital Customer Experience can be a major competitive advantage for any company.

Here are 5 reasons to improve the customer experience in your brand’s digital environment:


1. More business-client interactions in social media

Regarding customer service and experience in social media and specifically Twitter, “customer service interactions on this platform increased by 250% in the last two years” (according to data from Twitter).


2. Sales and customer service in ‘mobile’

According to Criteo’s Global Commerce Review report, more than 50% of global sales are made through mobile devices. Customers also expect customer service and brand experience to develop in mobile.


3. Immediate response

Many users believe that a company should respond to their demands in less than an hour, both on social media and websites, according to a study.


4. Retention rate means benefits

According to Bain & Company, if you increase customer retention rates by 5% with a good CX, the company’s profits can increase by 25% to 95%. In addition, acquiring new customers represents 6-7 times the additional cost of retaining existing customers.


5. The data, your best ally

Collecting data from your customers and using a suitable tool to manage this data allows you to understand their needs and concerns. Therefore, social listening of social media and other digital media is essential to improve the Digital Customer Experience of your brand.

Investing in a good monitoring and active listening tool allows you to obtain the necessary insights to orient your business towards the needs that consumers demand of you. If you want to see the Websays Dashboard tool in action, you can schedule a free demo: