For the first time in history, the entire world is expressing opinions about you in their favorite channels. Today you can take your online reputation in your own hands.




Dig deeper in your brand’s mentions in social media

Websays offers you text analytics technology that automatically monitors social media or any other source. It finds relevant pieces of information for your business such as source, author, topics mentioned, general sentiment, influence degree, etc... This way, you are even ahead of the online trends for your brand.

Control your online reputation 

Websays is also a social media crisis management tool, thanks to its real-time social networks monitoring you can stay tuned at what might happen with your brand’s reputation. From deep analysis to easy digital press clipping reporting, now you can take control without an analytics expert.

Get to the sources of a discussion about your brand to avoid a social media crisis. Receive real-time alerts for an immediate evaluation of your online reputation.

Learn how to do your own digital press clipping 

What do your customers think about you online? You can monitor social networks including all discussions the accompanying sentiments so you can influence your brand reputation.  

Gather opinions and insights real-time 

Analyze brand sentiment

Manage crisis and prevent disasters

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Active social media listening collects all the valuable information customers share about your brand. Make solid business decisions based on real-time online information.

Create presentation-ready reports

It’s up to you to do your own web clipping, efficiently. Get all the news about your brand from online press, blogs, forums, review sites and repositories. 

 Online monitoring reports for everyone to understand. Your reports measure your online reputation, evolution of key influencers, specific hot issues, opinions, success stories and more. 

Just like you, we like to know what our customers say about us.

These are just a few of them:

We have a solid presence in different industries, from leisure to the finance sector, from food brands to politics. If you have an online monitoring project in mind, contact us and let’s talk about it!

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