The use of Social Listening for Brands is based on reputation control and, therefore, metrics and fundamental quality data.
Whether if It’s for a brand, a celebrity, an influencer, a politician, a political party or an institution of any kind. Reputation control is key to brand communication and ensuring the brand´s perception by the market.

Unlike the old-school clipping in which it was only necessary to control the media, it is now essential to have a more comprehensive and complete view of the different digital channels, not only in social media but also in different spaces in which to show the opinion of internet users.



  • Monitor brands and products through social media online, forums, blogs and social media
  • Monitor hashtags and keywords relevant to the brand
  • Monitor social media contests
  • Follow stakeholders reputation
  • Identify relevant influencers and channels in your industry with whom to collaborate (Brand Awareness)
  • Discover connections between stakeholders and influencers
  • Analyse the conversation in owned channels and compare it with the external ones
  • Analyse topics
  • Monitor online campaigns in real time
  • Identify crisis and its origins
  • Receive alerts for mentions increases or specific mentions