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What is Websays?

Websays is the result of 15 years of scientific investigations in Web Crawling,  Automatic Learning and Text Analytics.

Websays’ services focus on online reputation monitoring and social media marketing. Our clients have the possibility to monitor topics, brands, products, personalities, campaigns etc., allowing immediate evaluation of the online reputation of the entity they are interest in.

At Websays, we develop innovative technology. Websays differentiates itself from its competitors thanks to its scientific and technological approach: the objective is to refine the technological standard in this market, applying higher quality tools and better analytic capabilities than the competitors.

Websays has an expert team of analysts who continuously ensure quality of the results. This combined with our business intelligence tools produce the highest quality in online monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Analysis

Websays uses proprietary technology built over some of the most advanced Open Source projects of the decade. Websays uses patent-pending technology to maintain a large up-to-date crawl of the web, and a myriad of APIs and fetching techniques to explore as much of the web as possible.

Websays exploits the latest advances in Machine Learning Technology to learn the specifics of your business over time. Similar to E-mail Spam Detection technology, Websays uses Machine Learning to learn from your choices of what is relevant and what is not.

On top of that, Websays employs a team of human analysts who “teach” the Websays automatic algorithms, continuously improving their quality.


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