This feature is Benchmarking simplified: understand what your competitors are doing and compare them to your brand. With Websays Comparisons you can keep track of several brands or topics, and you can compare them in different ways.

Specifically, you will be able to compare:

Conversation volume of your brand vs. competitors, or conversation volumes of different campaigns

Positive, negative or neutral sentiment of the conversations

?  Most influential authors and influencers talking about you or your competitors

?  Keywords or most used words in conversations (using a word cloud)

? Language of conversations

Are you interested in monitoring your competitors and comparing with them? Do you want to track multiple campaigns or individuals and get relative performance indicators? Then Websays Comparisons is your best ally!

Comparisons that help you improve and be better

Benchmarking allows you to re-examine your topics and measure your relative progress with indicators such as share of voice, impact, sentiment, coverage of topical issues or comparing yourself with your main competitors:

In conclusion, Websays Comparisons provides you with information that no one else has, giving you the advantage of being the first to react!

And all these features always with the power of filtering by any insight you might think of, thanks to the Dashboard filtering that applies to all sections: