Premium data services allow you to have a greater coverage of data and quality thanks to our team of analysts and task automation tools. They are complementary services to those included in our standard Websays Dashboard plans.


Facebook Premium

Websays began its journey in 2010 when there was no Instagram and when Facebook had no API, so we started our service with automation so that our analysts could capture mentions of their websites and automatically upload them into our system.
Today we have recovered those tools to be able to obtain all the data published on and now via API, and after the problem with Cambridge Analytics, it is so restricted.

The Facebook Premium service allows you to collect the mentions available on through searches in author names and in the text of posts and comments and therefore allows you to capture much more information about competitors or generic concepts, which is not currently offered with the API of Facebook.


Instagram Premium

The Instagram Premium service allows you to collect the mentions available on by searching on the author’s name and on hashtags of posts and comments (and soon by free search when available in all territories). This semi-manual system allows you to capture unlimited hashtags on Instagram as well as listen to any other non-private channel on Instagram outside of your authorized channels (influencers, competitors, etc.). Currently, the Facebook API only allows you to get mentions from authorized own channels, so the amount of mentions available thanks to this service is huge!


Categorization Premium

It allows you to categorize and tag mentions based on the topics and themes that you ask us, either by providing us with a list of themes or by indicating your objectives and having a dedicated analyst on your team who discovers and configures these themes.


Sentiment Premium

Currently Websays already offers a high quality Sentiment thanks to its rules in multiple languages ​​but, as each client is different, we offer this Premium service in which we guarantee high quality Sentiment, adapting to your needs, for example when labeling negative themes or identifying ironies, and sarcasm.