At Websays we help you understand your brand’s reputation so that you can work on it and improve it. Websays Social Listening allows you to regularly analyse which are the topics that are most talked about around your brand, which complaints are most frequent or the feeling that your products generate.

How do we help Branding departments?

Brand Trust
One of the first signs of trust in the brand is interactions on social media. These interactions must be analysed and compared with our competitors.

How your brand is perceived and how to prepare and identify possible reputacional crisis.

How your community is defined and how this community perceives the brand. What are they talking about, what adjectives are being used? Is your brand fun? Refreshing? Does your community really use the vocabulary or adjectives that the brand is working on and that it is trying to position itself for?

Brand territory
In which category of products or services your brand is located. We help you understand how the final consumer perceives it, if reality is compatible with the branding strategy created by you and, very importantly, how your brand and its positioning distinguishes itself from competitors.

We help you make or calibrate your brand strategy:

  • Understanding the Buyer Persona.
  • Knowing your target perfectly, how they communicate, when and where.
  • Choosing the ideal market.
  • Associating your brand with the values your consumers identify with.


Sentiment evolution example.



Mentions and authors geolocation map.