Communication has changed a lot since the digital age. While journalists and their media continue to have an impact, a blogger or youtuber can unleash an even more serious brand reputation crisis than any newspaper cover. That is why more and more Communication Directors hire a digital clipping service with their alerts and reports, either from PR agencies or directly from companies like Websays.


How can Websays help?

Through our listening and our alerts you will be able to prevent crises and understand trends of negative sentiment towards your brand, products and even staff. Websays will be your ally when it comes to understanding the reaction of your audience to past communications to get closer and closer to the style that your target (s) understand, creating content that really conveys your message.

In our dashboard you can easily make influence rankings to deal first with those who have the most Reach or Engagement. In fact, at Websays we do not distinguish between digital media or social networks, we measure all of them by the degree of impact they may have.

You can also subscribe to a Journalists Panel. For example we get all tweets from 1.500 spanish journalists with more than 4 million monthly tweets since January 1, 2021. You can subscribe to everything or just a specific topic or section. You can receive reports on what they say about your brand or analyse what they say, how they connect with each other, and a long etc. Contact our sales team for prices at sales [@] websays [dot] com.