Websays is aware of the need to integrate new communication channels with your clients in your customer service processes. As experts in Social Media, our clients have raised their challenges with us in this channel until we have decided to package an omnichannel Social Contact Center start-up and activation service from Zendesk, of which we are Premium Partners.




What do we offer?


1. OMNICHANNEL INTEGRATION: When we say all, we are not short. We refer to having all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) integrated along with other channels such as email or web contact form or real-time channels such as calls, web chats, or even messaging! (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger …). In fact, now that the channel no longer matters, the great differentiation when managing a Contact Center is whether it is real time (chat, whatsapp, telephone) or not (email, web form or RRSS).


2. COMPREHENSIVE RESPONSE MANAGEMENT: In addition to collecting consumer feedback, the Social Contact Center (such as Zendesk) makes it possible to automate responses, manually assign tickets to the agents in charge of managing certain topics and it even comes with its own CRM, customizable without coding.


3. EXTERNAL LISTENING: In addition to an omnichannel service within the brand’s owned channels, there are countless places on the Internet in which to criticise or glorify a brand: blogs, forums, news, reviews on Google, Amazon, Trip Advisor, Apple Store. All of this can have an impact, not only on the reputation of a brand but also on product sales directly at the online point of sale. So why not leave it to professional customer service? Thanks to the integration between Social Listening and ticketing systems, this is already a reality today.


4. ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA): As a tool for Social Listening and Natural Language Processing, we can facilitate the transition of your Call Center into a next-generation Contact Center. Not only can we connect your ticketing system to your owned channels in social media or to external channels by free search of terms (brand, product, group, …) but we can add all the robotic process automation to your customer service flow in order to reduce costs and times. Here are some examples:

  • Sentiment: we can label the sentiment in order to automate the SLAs based on the risk-based criticality of the tickets.
  • Categorization: we can detect that the ticket is about billing and automate that it is received directly by the billing department and we avoid the typical “delivery agent” , speeding up response times.
  • Influence: we can add the number of followers in the ticket so that those with the most influence and that can do more damage to the brand, have a shorter SLA.
  • External mentions: when they mention your brand outside of your owned channels, you can decide if you want everything to enter your ticketing or only what you choose manually, but you can also automate certain mentions to enter, be it by theme, sentiment, degree of influence or simply because they refer to a recent campaign where you want to automate responses.
  • … and whatever comes to mind!


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    What does the integration with Zendesk make possible?