Most mentioned Brands

Thanks to listening to only general terms about this target, we were able to identify which brands are the most mentioned. However, we did not take into account their respective activities on the owned channels since we did not want to turn the study into a benchmarking, where we would mainly listen to the brands’ own channels.



In addition to detecting which brands are the best positioned in the market in question, we were also able to obtain conclusions about products or trends.



Veggie types

Market-focused social listening allows you to obtain a very clear vision of how target consumers are behaving regarding various topics. Photo Vegetarian / Vegan / Flexitarian We clearly see how, despite the appearance of the new concept “flexitarian”, it remains residual compared to the mentions related to “vegetarian” and “vegan”.


The market approach can be very useful for clients who have yet to design campaigns, strategies or launch new products in specific markets. Thanks to a good preliminary study, you can avoid major failures, such as Cola-Cao’s in its entry into the Chinese market (