The panel of specialised professionals or end consumers allows you to group different segments of the population. Whether they are professionals according to their role or end consumers compartmented by demographics, allowing filters such as location, gender, influence ability, etc…

It is a new product that is increasingly being adopted in Marketing and Sales departments. Today there are new consumers and there are always many groups that break out of traditional segmentations such as, for example, grandma gamers who fail to complete the classic demographic definition of gamers. We call this new concept of panel, the Social Media Panel.


  • Brand surveillance: Allows you to detect if sales agents, brokers, franchisees, etc. are appropriately using the book of style and good practices of the brand.
  • Sales trends: Identify the products or services that are being mentioned the most.
  • Profiling: Allows you to analyze and predict interests, behaviors and other attributes of the profiles followed.
  • Analyze trends in sentiment about a specific theme, brand, product, etc.
  • Define the themes and type of communication that are most relevant to a specific collective.
  • Online Barometer: Create rankings of brands, products or services according to their online performance.
  • Influencers: Identify, follow and analyze the effectiveness of the contracted influencers or discover potential influencers within the brand interest groups.
  • Create, download and share comparative reports on products or brands.