• from 400€/month
  • Full Social Listening
    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, YouTube, News, Blogs, Forums and other webs
  • No yearly commitment
    you can hire 1 month or only a historical
  • A dedicated analyst and data curation
    Forget about queries, rules or spam
  • Historical Data
    Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin up to 12 months
    YouTube, news, blogs and forums up to 3 months
    Twitter since 2006
  • from 700€/month
  • KOLs, professionals or consumers
    Selected by Social Network, role, location, gender or influence capacity
  • Full Social Listening
    We subscribe to all they share on those channels
  • Monthly quantitative reports
    We generate reports based on your panel analysis needs
  • from 100€/month
  • Facebook Premium
    Terms, hashtags and channels on facebook.com
  • Instagram Premium
    Hashtags and channels on instagram.com
  • TikTok Premium
    Terms, hashtags y channels on tiktok.com
  • Linkedin Premium
    Terms, hashtags y channels on linkedin.com
  • Reports
    Quantitative, Qualitative, Opinion/Market Studies,..