It is often hard to know where to begin when it comes to researching opinions and detecting new market or consumer trends.

Usually, analysing big territories takes a long time and requires big investments. Thanks to social media, blogs and forums, studying trends and opinions within the virtual sphere becomes a quick and easy way to embrace large territories and anticipate trends in a simple way.

First we must define the right keywords, products or brands and start listening. From there, we determine the first patterns and spheres of interest. Once the scope around these spheres is widened, we are able to identify the relevant trends for decision making.



  • Identify market and consumer trends
  • Identify rising themes to adapt to the content published by your brand
  • Product innovation
  • Anticipating trends through sentiment
  • Discovery (Identify patterns or collectives)
  • Clustering (Group analysis)
  • Predict electoral results
  • Measure digital volumes to predict physical volumes of participation in events