With Websays Alerts, you won’t miss any important mentions of your brand on social media. In addition, this functionality and the 24/7 view of the social conversation is ideal for crisis management or campaign tracking. Websays will alert you when there are unusual peaks or volumes, crises, influencers with more than X followers talking about your brand, or you name it!

What are the advantages of Websays alerts?

  • You will receive mentions of all the social media (Twitter, Facebook, news, blogs, etc.) in the same alert! If you want, you can personalize it and receive only mentions from Twitter, for example. Or just negative mentions… the possibilities are endless!
  • Alerts will be sent when they meet the set conditions, e.g. X number of mentions in a short period of time (peak volume).
  • You can synchronise the times and emails you want to receive alerts.
  • You will receive alerts in your email or in the emails that have been configured when the established condition is met or when the scheduled time arrives.

That’s right, we are your brand guardians!

Thanks to our technology, we track the key phrases and terms that your brand defines, even if the words are not exactly the same. So with Websays alerts, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive daily or weekly emails with summaries of your campaigns
  • Get instant alerts just when a crisis starts on the Internet or on social networks
  • Track one or several words of interest for your studies, companies, etc.

Or whatever you fancy!