With the Websays Streams service, you won’t miss any details of crises or incidents related to your brand as it shows you, in real time, the key points to discover if there has been any serious incident or crisis commented on in social media and what it is about.

Websays Streams
Websays Streams

Elevate your customer service!

This communication could be given by mentioning the brand with an @author or #hashtag, in which case the Community Manager would be able to identify the problem as they would receive the notification on the social network where the mention was made.

However, most of the time users talk about the company in a natural way and without mentioning their specific channel. This is where monitoring tools come into play, as they allow the brand to listen to all the mentions about it on social media without needing to be mentioned correctly.

In addition, if you are a company that receives a high volume of complaints and incidents on social media, it is even more necessary to use data filtering tools such as Websays Streams to visualise and analyse them quickly and effectively.

What is Websays Streams?

Here is an example for customer service where only incidents are filtered out using NLP (Natural Language Processing):

Websays Streams

In this example of the streams designed for a Call Centre, the current volume of mentions is shown on one side (in bar format) and, in the same graph, the volume of the same day of the previous week (in line format). In this way, the brand can check if the current volume is the usual one, because if there is a sudden increase in mentions, it could mean a crisis.

On the other hand, it includes a word cloud that shows the most used words in the conversation by graphically summarising what those complaints or criticisms are about. Both graphs are refreshed every few seconds to ensure that the information received is as recent as possible.

For whom is this tool ideal?

While any brand can benefit from social media listening to improve customer service, Websays Streams is ideal for companies with a high volume of complaints and incidents that require immediate response. These may include:

  • Airlines or other transport and logistics companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Online or face-to-face banking services
  • Hotels or other accommodation companies

In general, any brand that has a presence on social networks and wishes to improve its communication or customer service to offer a better response to its consumers can benefit from this tool.

And all these features always with the power of filtering by any insight you might think of, thanks to the Dashboard filtering that applies to all sections: